Autoupdater title concerned me that it was malware

  • The latest update had the following two dialogs. The Autoupdate one was covering flux at first, once I moved it around and saw that flux was waiting, then I trusted it more. But, honestly, when I first saw this thing it looked like Malware because of the strange program title and icon.

    My feedback for your team is to override the title and the icon in this sub-dialog so that I can trust it even more. Otherwise, I don't know for which program I'm typing my password in.

    Screenshot 1

  • We're using sparkle ( for this, so we don't control this part of the experience - thanks for the feedback.

  • I recommend working with Sparkle to see if they can allow you to control this in a future release of their library. At the very least, mention in the text what app is using sparkle.

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