macOS Sierra

  • I'd like to mention, that on macOS Sierra, f.lux doesn't work well. The feature OS X Darktheme at sunset changes the fonts to the opposite, but the bar remains light, making it impossible to read menu bar items (white font on light-grey background). The version I'm using is 37.1.

  • I'm running Sierra as well and can confirm that @muchar 's issue extends to the current version (37.2), too.

  • Why do they have updates every single month or so that change these things? I'm starting to think they do it purposely.

  • @Tungsten_smooth yes, it is purposeful, it's called improving an app that you get for free

  • @swrobel haha, I think he means Apple. I hear they're rewriting some of their color code. And as a result we are updating constantly too. One day we'll get to work ship a Windows update again.

  • @lorna lol, oops! So you have been issuing updates for MacOS Sierra? Are there betas we can get somewhere or something like that?

  • @lorna found a bug on MacOS Sierra. If you have multiple accounts, switching between them always turns on sunset mode for some reason (even in the daytime). I have to quit the app and relaunch it again for it to go back to daytime mode.

  • Im having issues with how f.lux handles dark mode; But I think it more has to do with us using a beta version of the OS rather than the app itself, because flux on El Capitan is working perfectly for me. What I would is that, when I toggle on dark menu from preferences > general, the menubar becomes dark but the dock and menulets stay the same (light mode). When flux handles this process during the day-night transition, menubar remains light but everything else changes. I just need to enter pref > ten and toggle dark menu manually. I installed a CLI dark-mode to troubleshoot and found that when the pref > gen toggle is used, the system remains registered as light

    $ dark-mode --mode

    And I can enter original dark mode through

    $ dark-mode --dark

    It is kind of frustrating but that's what we get for using a beta OS until all the bugs are fixed. But this is under the assumption that the dark menu bar setting was already broken / incomplete in Sierra (didn't test the toggle before installing flux)

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