Turning on & off in just a few seconds.

  • Hello everyone.

    I made the update to 37.1 version and since then, the app turn on and off and on every seconds ! It is very annoying, I feel like I'm in a fucking night club !!!
    Hopefully, I'm not epileptic !!!!!
    Does anyone have the same problem ???
    Because it didn't do this before, so I delete it & I download the 37.2 version, and it is the same !
    I like the app, but why doing new version if it's getting worst ???

  • @TheGoldenBoy187 Wow! Try turning off auto brightness in the mac settings.

  • having similar problems. Tbh turning off auto brightness is just a bad solution. Yes it works, but not having auto brightness is also pretty annoying

  • having the same problem!!! Where to make a issue?

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