Just wasted a half hour dealing with trying to turn this frickin program off

  • Hey flux..

    Where are you. Cant turn this thing off, this sucks. not in task bar or anywhere, go to finder and it wont let me delete it etc... cant even read or adjust screen. no email support for your company... really fed up. just wasted my morning dealing with this... really pissed at flux now it is like a major virus that i cant get rid of just to use the computer

  • @turnoffflux @lorna @herf and @ (flux-team) but I can't seem to get that one on my mobile.

    justgetflux@gmail.com is their email and they'd be glad to help.

    Let's start all the way from the beginning if you don't mind because it makes it much easier for me.

    We'll assume you downloaded from justgetflux.com and I'd like to know: what version did you download, "big blue button", older version listed below etc.

    After download, how did you proceed to open the download?

    Were you asked to move it to the applications folder and did you do so?

    I think that's about all I'll ask and we can go from there.

  • What operating system? You're posting under Mac, so have you deleted the f.lux profile from System Preferences > Displays? Have you rebooted?

    Try these two things first. Then, if you still have trouble, post back with your system details, your f.lux version, and anything else we should know about your hardware and what's happening. We're here and we're very happy to help you remove it or find settings that you prefer.

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