Polyphasic sleep

  • Hi I have flexible hours of working and I am sleeping a few time in a day. It is great when flux changes colour before my sleep for night, but when i wake up the monitor is totally orange, but at this hour in the summer is very light.

    Can you give an option to make colour depend on sun, not an hour? It will be great to have option like that depended on how light is in reality.

    Generally even better will be use iMAC detector of light with flux. I turned it off, because of conlict with flux, but if you can use it instead in flux... totally great.

    Best regards,

  • @spammiwysylaja It does depend on sun, but also it's based on when you wake up. When f.lux thinks you're waking up, it will change your screen to daylight, and it also uses this information to decide about what time you should probably be sleeping.

    Have a look at this BBC article, it's about two phase sleeping patterns before we used lots of artificial light at night: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16964783

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