How to delete this app??

  • I have deleted this app with the app "app zapper" and its taken all info to the trash but still I have this darn app coming on even though I've deleted it. How, HOW, can I get rid of this app? Please.

  • @CrustyBaker For uninstalling, you'll first always want to properly exit the app before you do anything else regarding removing it.

    I know that sounds simple but many apps work fine by uninstalling even if they are still running--f.lux doesn't fare so well. You'll need to check it's status in the "activity monitor" for mac. Look for the "flux" process and end it if you see it.

    Another thing that might work is checking your color profiles in the control panel. You may have an f.lux color profile that you'll most likely want to remove.

    With all of this, may I ask why you'd like to remove? It may be something simple such as the effect being too strong, or maybe it's just doing it too early. You can change the f.lux location settings (I think) to set it at a later time. There's several different things you can change. Would you feel like describing what didn't jive for you?

  • I want to remove this app because it does what ever it wants when ever it wants. I ask it to disengage for certain applications and it does it once........then it does it when I don't want it to do it. It does it to applications I've NEVER asked to. It comes on in the middle of the day - it goes off in the middle of the night. In plain english it's a crap app. It has NEVER worked correctly. So I want it trashed. Off my system. And, I've finally done it. But, thanks anyway for your help.

  • @CrustyBaker Yikes... uh, it sounds like there are some very serious configuration issues here, and I'm not saying it's on you. Maybe something got corrupted and I do agree that an uninstall is warranted here for sure. So, I believe I've already posted all the relevant uninstallation information, so if you have any difficulties finding something, or if a process doesn't work (like maybe it's not showing up in the activity monitor, or the tint is still active) just ask for help.

    EDIT: I think the f.lux guide for mac would be very helpful. I know this version has added quite a few settings even I'm not remotely familiar with and would surely read this if I were using the version. (I'm a windows user).

    Here mac help link:

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