Disable wake up time notifications

  • The new feature added in 3.6 is really annoying. It shows me notifications about wake up time few times per hour. I dont even need this feature. How can I disable it?

  • f.lux team

    From the f.lux menu to the left of your system clock, choose Options > Uncheck Backwards Alarm Clock.

  • annoying AF thanks for the answer dudes from the past

  • Just wanted to chime in -- at the expense of signing up for a new email newsletter I have to now unsubscribe from (hey, don't laugh!) -- and express my deepest annoyance and utter disdain for this weird "feature," in hopes it helps the community get this feature removed in the default out-of-box configuration settings in future f.lux releases. (I mean, look at this thread's views!! 18k!!!) I looked through the settings for a good 30-40 seconds to disable them and had to Google. Boo! I had no idea you even called it a "Backwards Alarm Clock" so I skimmed over the presumed-irrelevant setting multiple times.

    I don't even know what it's trying to tell me. Something like "you'll be waking up in 6 1/2 hours" or something? Okay, so you think I'm sleeping right now? If you think I'm asleep, why are you even bothering to show me desktop notifications? If I'm asleep, would I not never even see them? And displayed at such annoyingly frequent intervals, at that.
    I'm not asleep, by the way, so no, I won't be waking up when you say I'm going to. I assume by "you're going to wake up" it means to say "the program is gonna change the monitor's lighting back to normal." Which...are very different things.

  • At time of writing this topic has 20,000 views. I'll let that sink in for a second...

    This may actually be the least-useful feature anyone has ever had the ill-conceived notion of designing in the long sad history of lousy software features. Its so comically useless that I would wager you can just delete it and absolutely nobody on earth will care, but lets err on the side of caution and just make it disabled by default. That way the vast majority of users wont be required to figure out what on earth a "Backwards Alarm Clock" is, and the probably 3 sociopaths on earth who actually want to be reminded every 30 minutes when their bedtime is can keep using it.

  • @ghjcnjbvz I setup an account just to add to this thread. In January 2019 that features is still enabled by default. It is AF and absolutely completely useless.

  • To be honest I like it. It let's me keep track of time for the better sleep habits, but the option should probably be called in a different way in the options to make it easier to disable.

  • @lorna I don't see "Uncheck Backwards Alarm Clock" anywhere... this reminder is popping up like every half-hour, it's super-annoying.


  • @dave-hat First option displayed in that window, it says "Backwards Alarm Clock (notifications at bedtime)", you need to uncheck that.