Two new android phones have GREAT outdoor brightness (LCD based)

  • The LG G5 has an LCD screen that gets up to a whopping 800+ (I think ~900) nits! The color temperature is around 7800K but hey, it's 800+ nits!

    The other android phone that gets adequately bright outdoors (and is LCD based) is the Droid Maxx 2 (only available on verizon I think, but that could be wrong.) It gets up to, and again up to 700+ nits. That's impressive, and manual control will allow near 600+, so even if it's not bright enough to boost, you can still read the screen very comfortably outside. I can't do that with my current phone, as the auto brightness is a bit hard to get the right angle in the light.

    I'd like to support manufacturers making non OLED based screens (PWM flickering everywhere--will Apple fix that?) that are easy to read outside, because looking for shade or pulling a hoodie over, and seeing only the back of someone's head is just stupid by now.

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