Keeping flux in bedtime mode during the day

  • How do you make flux stay in bedtime mode. All I want to do is keep it in the darkest setting to hide the highlighted portions of a document I am viewing. It wont let me, it just resets to the local time zone.

  • So far its effective if I scroll down somewhat, reset to bedtime mode, try to work for 5 seconds, than reset to bedtime mode again. You would think when developing this, something like a manual mode would have been implemented, then this program may have been useful

  • @gogreene408 What type of document file are you viewing? If it's like an editable document, then there may be a way to hide highlights. If it's a PDF and you can't select any text, then you may just be out of luck.

  • Why on Earth are you trying to use Flux to make text highlighting invisible? That's not what it's for. And why do you even need the highlighting to be invisible in the first place?

    Greater manual control would certainly be a sensible feature, but not for the reason you want it.

  • Savannah, because it is effective at hiding highlighted portions of a pdf document. I realize what it is for, it would just be useful for this scenario. However in in any case, if I wanted to manually change the intensity I feel like I should. What if I am in a dark room in the middle of the day and want to use a darker setting, its an impossibility? The only solution is to wait until night time? I have found that not even changing geographical location will work!

  • @gogreene408 Well the whole idea and original working plan of f.lux is to (usually--and obviously it can be changed / or flipped) stay bright in the daytime and warm at night. I understand candle takes yellow down to the same as the "white" orange that it gets to, and it makes overly yellow things look almost greyscale. I just think it'd be a better idea to figure out how to modify the document and remove the highlights.

    If you can select any of the text, import it into a simple text editor.

  • @gogreene408 Like I said, why do you need the highlighting to be invisible? And like I said, why are you using Flux for this purpose? Obviously "it's effective at it", but that's not a valid reason. Your argument is analogous to saying that you want to be able to deliberately overheat your computer because it's effective at keeping you warm. Well, so what? That's not what it's for and that's not how you're supposed to use it.

    Like I said, I agree that manual control would make sense — but again, not for the reason you want it.

  • @Savannah I'd like to just be able to force bedtime mode an hour or two earlier than it currently takes effect. It's summer, and in Texas sunset isn't until 830PM, and I start closing blinds, etc. at 7PM for both my kids and my early to rise self. Is the only way really to set my location to somewhere in a timezone east of where I actually am?

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