Few issues on flux

  • I am using f.lux for some time now. I experienced some issues on my MacBook pro, newest OS X.

    • when opening the MacBook (I never shut it down) f.flux sometimes starts to work, even if its midday (or another time when f.lux shouldn't do anything)
    • sometimes the disable functions just don't work. You have to re do the action few times and it feels like roulette till it works.

  • Same here. I then go to preference and switch to "Sunset" settings, the back to daytime and screen goes back to normal (w/o actually changing any settings).
    However it switches back to "Bedtime" settings every now and then (actually quite often), mostly when closing programs, alert boxes or when starting other apps (but not reproducably "reliable"). So most context switches seem to confuse f.lux here (OSX 10.11.5).

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