Sunrise time completely off

  • f.lux claims that the sun has set, despite local noon being in just over an hour. While sunset a bit over 11 hours ago may be accurate, since the sun only just sets here this time of the year, sunrise should be very shortly thereafter.

  • @Nillie Check your location in the f.lux program as well as whatever operating system you are using. If you scroll up the page, and click the "f.lux forum" title, that will take you back to the main forum. They even made it more obvious what each heading contains.

    For "F.lux support" with "Windows" "Mac" "iOS" etc, being available, you'll want to post there for support on getting f.lux setup as you want.

  • The location was the first thing I checked, but that turned out to be correct. It currently says sunset in 42 minutes, which is probably correct, though I highly doubt the claim about "11 hours of sunlight", seeing as sunset is something like three minutes before local midnight...

  • If you want to PM me your location I can run some tests here. Is your computer's timezone set right?

  • Assuming you're on Windows, we will be doing a lot better for these kinds of things soon. (The Mac has had better calculations for some time now.)

  • @herf I'm on Mac. I believe the problem started when I updated to version 10.11.5 of the OS.

  • Okay yes our sunrise/sunset code is saying the sun never fully sets, and then messing up after that. I'll do a quick fix.

    Out of curiosity what do people where you live do for lighting this time of year? We could try to match your actual schedule a little better too.

  • @herf The best we can do is usually to darken our bedrooms with blinds, though it is very easy to lose track of time and forget to go to bed when the sun either doesn't rise (in the winter) or doesn't set (in the summer).

  • @herf By the way: is this why the Windows version simply refuses to accept a coordinate above 65°?

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