cannot install f.lux

  • hey, guys. I confront a very weird issue that when I try to install f.lux to my mac it always show "this app cannot operate". My mac is pro 13 inch Mid 2012. I try to Google the reason but i did not find anything about it. Is there anyone who is professional in mac, please help me out. Thanks a lot! :)

  • @LinkFrancis I'm not a professional, but what version of Mac OS X are you using? That's very important, as there may be a version of f.lux that cannot operate on some newer versions. Or actually, some new f.lux builds that don't run on the older OS X versions. I think it's something like that.

    If you'd like to try an older version, I think there are downloads below the "big blue" button on the f.lux homepage.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thank you so much for your reply. my Mac OS X is 10.11.5-the latest one. and the weird thing is that my friend's mac air can install it. we upgrade the same version and only the mac type is different. so, i get confused about it and why my mac cannot install it? :( :(

  • @LinkFrancis O.K. so here's how I installed it:

    Download the file.

    Double click the file.

    I did that for laughs but it actually worked. I wish installing zip programs were that easy in Windows. What is happening when you install, and how are you installing?

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks again! :) I did the exact same things like you did. and this is what i encountered. !!/Users/zqh/Desktop/Snip20160530_3.png

  • @LinkFrancis I saw you sent a message first. That image will not show us anything. It's attempting to go into your local hard drive, which thankfully, nobody on the Internet has access to directly. You'll need to send it to a image sharing website.

    Edit, in the mean time, could you please explain, step by step, how you're installing the software?

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