Reverse alarm clock notification badges: by morning, a whole bunch have appeared

  • I really like the reverse alarm clock notification badge. Yet by morning, I open my screen and there it is. Me, and my screen with badges down the right side of my screen. (RIP Douglas Adams). I begin the day by clicking to dismiss them all.

    I have flux running on two computers (desktop, laptop). So yes, this morning, I did the click to dismiss twice. (oh, the terrible pain running down the right side of two screens.)

    If you'd like, I can get more specific about their sleep state (laptop = definitely yes; desktop maybe asleep).

    Is it possible for flux to automatically remove older notifications, or do notifications work so that once the app sends it to the OS, it's out there for good until dismissed?

    flux 36.1*, 36.3, MacOS 10.8.5**

    *I upgraded from .1 to .3 on one of the computers, need to complete the upgrade on the other.
    **yeah, I know I know. I finally upgraded from Snow Leopard, right at the time that Mavericks became impossible to install. I don't do bleeding edge OSes anymore.

  • @auntialias hey hi! Deleted my earlier incorrect response - 10.8.5 doesn't listen to us when we clear the notifications so this is a bug that's here to stay. You can turn off the notifications from the f.lux menu (just uncheck backwards alarm clock). Sorry for not having better news.

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