Bug report: flux profile in use during day and/or when f.lux not running

  • I want to say thanks for the new(ish) feature that prevents flashing when switching GPUs on dual-GPU machines: it indeed does that successfully, and thereby eliminates a small irritation in the previous behaviour.

    I have disabled it, however, because it has been causing other problems: namely, that under certain circumstances the flux profile will be in use at inappropriate times. Here are some examples; apologies that I cannot provide definitive steps to reproduce (I will if I am able to):

    • I leave machine running screensaver during the day; I come back to it and find the display has gone all orange, and remains that way when I unlock the screen.

    • Same thing when waking machine from sleep during the day.

    • Switching from my main account (which uses flux) to another user account (which doesn't) can cause the screen to go orange (during the day) or incorrectly stay orange (in the evening).

    Sometimes quitting and restarting flux will fix this. Other times it will fix it but if I quit flux again it will revert to a very orange flux profile even during the day, which creates the weird situation of the screen being fluxified only when flux isn't running.

    Quitting flux, manually deleting the flux profile, then restarting flux will always cure the problem in the short term, but it recurs quite often, usually at least once every day or two. It seems that flux is leaving an incorrect flux profile around when it is not needed, and OS X is somehow selecting this profile to use at times when it shouldn't.

    Apologies that I can't be more specific about reproducing this.

    System information:
    MacBook Pro (mid 2010 - MacBookPro6,2)
    OS X 10.11.4 (until yesterday!)
    Flux 36.6

  • It sounds like there is some case where the machine is "locked" and we are failing to restore the default profile. Whether this is a filesystem security issue or a multiple user issue?

    More than you wanted to know: due to a pretty serious memory leak in older versions of ColorSync, we have to launch a new process to adjust the system profile. As a result, we are not finding out about all the errors that happen in that process - we will try to reproduce one of these cases so we can at least retry when it fails.

    What would you say is the easiest/fastest case that exhibits the bug?

  • I have this same issue. Color profile changes at odd times, sometimes even when I quit flux.

    I have been keeping my eye out for a reproducible trigger for this behaviour, but so far I haven't identified a specific trigger.

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013)
    OS X 10.11.6
    Flux 37.7

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