f.lux on the terminal/commandline

  • I would love to interact with f.lux on the commandline. Reading the current settings and changing not via via the GUI but via the CLI would open up interesting scripting possibilities.

    Is is already available and I just missed it or is something planned in that direction?

  • I've seen old discussions (here) asking for command line controls, so I don't think it's supported.

    I really want the same thing. That way I could script F.lux to control the screen temperature, disable temporarily, etc.

    Please f.lux, will you consider adding command line control? At least of these features:

    • Disable for an hour.
    • Disable until sunrise.
    • Switching color preset (like "Recommended" to "Working late")
    • Setting the current color temperature.
    • Reading current preset, temperature, and disable-state.

    I see that @herf mentioned adding command line support 5 months ago: https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/1675/is-f-lux-supposed-to/3

    Please please please add it. Think of the children. :)

  • Please comment, Flux team. What is your opinion about command line control?

    With that it would be possible to control Flux via Alfred without hacky methods.

  • It would be better to just add scripting support via Script Editor. Then we could build tools (you can use JavaScript and Obj-C, even; the less said about Applescript the better >.< ) to do what we want with the properties and methods they expose.

  • +1 would be great to have a CLI on OSX, at least with the basic features that aitte mentioned ;)

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