Flux and DST

  • I am on DST and I have flux set up to note that I wake at 0730. This morning, I noticed for the first time that at 0730, flux "thought" that I would not awake for one more hour.

    I reset Flux to 0630 and now it is OK.

    It seems that Flux is not seeing my clock and or recognizing that I am on DST

    My time zone is -2. MBP, late 2011, System 10.11.4. All software UTD

    Have screen shot but do not see how to attach


  • Which version of f.lux? Any chance you checked "sleep late on weekends"?

  • Lorna,


    I am using 36.6 and do not have "sleep late on weekends checked" not "extra hours…" checked. All others are checked. No color effects are checked and no Disabled options are checked.

    The location arrow, when clicked, tells me that it cannot find my location and wonders if I wi-fi is turned off.

    As a matter of fact, location services is not working anywhere, and per the apple forums, this seems to be a suffering issue for many 10.11.4 users.

    It did work well on 10.10.5, but since moving up, has been very very spotty at best.

    My physical location is Izmir, turkey. The late 2011 MBP running 10.11.4 has my automatic time set to GMT+3 to account to DST.

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