DIY Lights with OSX f.lux

  • Hi! I use f.lux with OSX. I would really like to make myself a bias lighting setup that will be adjusted in sync with f.lux.

    I have several options when it comes to how to get the information from OSX into my custom hardware (USB serial port, Bluetooth serial port profile, custom Bluetooth Low Energy profile etc) but what I don't have is a way to link f.lux into my lighting system.

    So I'm wondering if anyone can help me out...

    I'll suggest a possible solution /feature request: Could f.lux call a custom command (eg run a bash script) when the color temp is being transitioned at sunset/sunrise? I would think that f.lux would call the command in the following way:
    custom_command current_temp new_temp transition_time
    custom_command = the command line the user has specified - eg ~/
    current_temp = the current color temperature, in K
    new_temp = the new color temp that f.lux is transitioning to
    transition_time = the duration of the transition from current temp to new temp, in milliseconds (or floating point seconds perhaps)

    I haven't gone hunting for a log/other way to discover the events I am interested in, so if anyone out there knows another way I can get at the information I need (even if I need to have a daemon doing some sort of polling) then I'm all ears.


  • I would like to command flux on windows.

    for example run flux.exe /Fluorescent
    and it will adjust the temperature of the running instance

    Sometimes I stay late at night with neon light on and the monitor is too warm an dark. I would like to connect my home automation system to if neon light is on I can send command to change mode

    also polling status might be helpful

    This feature request should be easy to implement on your side

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