MBP 11.4, latest version of Flux…… Preferences not showing up……

  • When I click on Flux in the menu bar to go to preferences, nothing happens. If I manually start Flux, quit it and then go to the menu bar to select preferences, Pref show up.

    Sooooooo, what am I doing wrong?

  • @leeze How are you quiting the program, and what happens when you right click the icon

  • If I quit and relaunch, I can get the Prefs to show up when I click on Flux in the menu bar.

    If I "right-click" on Flux (in the Application's ƒ) then I get the typical menu that one always sees.

  • @leeze Hmm, maybe try removing f.lux from the startup list. Then, if it's easy to add it back, try that. If that doesn't work, just exit using the menu, and send f.lux to the trash (use Finder to search, and move off all the f.lux stuff. Then reinstall.

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