Support for Philips HUE

  • As it is quite easy to control a philips hue lamp via http/rest calls via the bridge, flux support for hue would be very nice.

  • This is coming! we're working on some neat things in this space. Out of curiosity do you use Mac on the desktop or a laptop?

  • I came across this reddit post: which makes it sounds like f.lux + hue was possible ~9 months ago?

    I tried following their suggestions but couldn't find anything in f.lux preferences, then came across this post which makes it sound like this feature is not out yet?

    edit and this post by a f.lux team member 2 months ago talking about the "button to connect flux to hue", was/is this windows only?

  • It is currently Windows only - it's really a nice feature - we are working on some things that will make this possible on Mac too.

  • +1 Looking forward to this as well.

    @lorna said:

    Out of curiosity do you use Mac on the desktop or a laptop?

    I only have a laptop.

  • All our Macs are laptops too, which is one of the reasons we made this for Windows first--we still have old Windows desktops that stay on all the time.

    Hue always comes on at 100% brightness if you flip a lightswitch (no way around it), and with a desktop machine (or Linux box or raspberry pi), we can 'catch' it within about 10 seconds and dim it. This still looks terrible but it's better than the alternative, which is...

    If you're using a laptop or mobile device for Hue control and it's sleeping, we can only schedule alarms in the Hue bridge that fire every 20 minutes or so. So you turn on your bedroom light at night, and it only notices that you want it dim 20 minutes later. So that's pretty bad. (However, this works fine for a light you leave on all the time, so we will ship this case sometime soon.)

    We need some hardware startups to help us solve this -- a bulb that comes on and knows what time it is within 100ms, or a hub that's more circadian-friendly. It is almost certainly possible. As amazing as Hue is, for this application it has some big limitations.

  • I believe most people with Hue bulbs leave them "on" all the time in order to allow control by accessories/ios apps, etc so this shouldn't be a problem. Can you please release a OS X beta with this functionality for us to test? We've been waiting for 2 yrs since this was initially introduced in the windows version and I for one would be more than happy to test out a buggy version than have no support at all.

  • Well according to reports, the flux team has about 4 sets of developing projects going on all at the same time right now, and this is probably somewhere in the mix.

  • Hi, has there been any progress in this matter? Such functionality would be highly appreciated!


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