No auto-update like in the Windows version?

  • I noticed my Macbook's f.lux was months outdated, does it not update like Windows f.lux does?

  • We just boosted the first autoupdate for Mac this week. We don't autoupdate every version because it costs a few bucks to pay for the traffic. ^_^

  • Before this week (36.3) the last update we pushed was 34.0 (Oct 25 2014).

    We are using the Sparkle updater to do once-daily update checks, but people do have to click yes they want to update (currently only about 25% of people are doing this the first day, which is too low, since there are tons of bugfixes, not just new features). We'll try to keep things more current.

  • Would it be possible to quickly add a changelog to the update message?

  • yes it has a nice one.

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