Classic Flux

  • Is there anyway to have the latest version of flux transition minute by minute like the old versions use to do? This helped a lot more on eye strain having the monitor slowly change throughout the day. The newer 3 times a day really doesn't help you for 12 hours.

    alt text

    alt text

  • Yes that was an illustration of the sun elevation, but f.lux has not done this in a shipping version -- we have tried to keep accurate color during the day. We've certainly tried it!

    We are thinking about new schedules that change more continuously, but for now, the Mac version is the most dynamic one we have shipped.

  • I might have gotten it confused with Red Shift on Linux. Which does transition but hasn't been updated in a long while. Though adding more schedules would helpful. I can designers having issues with the color shifting throughout the day but as a programmer its not a issue.

  • I think I found a way of doing what I was wanting. By making a cron task & changing the color temp say every hour.

    defaults write org.herf.Flux dayColorTemp -int "5500"

  • @bdeonline Redshift has been updated, the latest I've used is 1.9, but they are now up to 1.10. I actually had to install Manjaro Linux based on Arch to get 1.9 to test the updated color tables and they are so much better. I've done an A/B test rebooting the machine each time, with both 5500K and 2700K and they are just about indistinguishable. Redshift has a tiny bit more red, but it's extremely close.

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