how to "disable for current app" for games (full screen)

  • i love f.lux, but during gaming it's in the way. i know there are disable options, but to re-disable every hour is annoying.
    and, unfortunately, the "disable for current app" does not work, because the two programs are exclusively active it seems.
    Is there a possibility to access the f.lux configuration file and directly add the corresponding program? (and maybe remove some bad decisions from old times?)

  • Created an account just to bump this spot on feature request.

    A. Need a way to "disable for current app" for full screen apps (RockSmith in my case)
    B. Wondering if there is a config file I could edit to do this
    C. Thinking that this would also be very useful for removing apps that I don't actually want this for anymore.

  • It would be lovely to have some kind of tab in the Preferences where one can see all disabled apps, and a "+" button to add one from a list of currently open ones.

    I keep having to "disable for an hour / until sunrise" for games that don't give me access to the menu bar, and I'm sure this applies to a whole other bunch of apps as well...!

    You're probably trying to keep the UI super simple, but if you have an option to disable certain apps, it would be helpful to be able to manage what those apps are in one central location?

  • I'd like to cast my own vote for this feature, as well. I don't need it a lot, but being able to play Civ V on the weekends (say) late into the night with normal display values would be very helpful.
    I get that there's the option to disable for the whole system, but that's not really what I would prefer, if it were an option.

  • +1 to request this

  • +1
    It would be great to have a manual list of excluded apps.

  • @thedw Just as an example, one of the games that I play is Wargame:AirLand Battle (through Steam).

    Once the game launches, there is no way to add it to f.lux directly, because the game controls the screen completely. There is no menu bar, ergo no f.lux menu item to use to click on the "Disable->for <game_name>" option. Quite literally the only way to exclude this game from f.lux color correcting is to be able to add it to flux through plist addition, or perhaps an option through adding the app bundle in an "add exception" button in the f.lux preferences.

  • What exclusion list? I have f.lux (3.10) on windows mate. This is a must for windows. What is a dlist?

  • @Sipher a plist is a "Property List" and describes a file which stores key-value pairs in macOS and iOS (and probably others as well). It's one option for storing things like preferences on macOS and iOS.

  • This post is deleted!

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