f.lux on your television

  • What solutions have you all tried to block blue light on a television?

    I am considering selling my television, largely because I can't stand to use it at night. I will occasionally plug my HDMI cable into my Mac to watch Netflix with f.lux enabled. This is cumbersome. I would like to know if there are any better options out there for blocking blue light on a bigger screen.

  • @wheelzofsteel Well you could go in and adjust the RGB settings, or try using the warmest color temperature available if it actually makes a real difference. To get to the RGB settings of a TV, you'll probably have to go into service mode, so look up your TV model and find the steps to get into service mode.

    For my TV, I go to menu and go to the audio tab, and put in a four digit code. Then I open the input menu and put in a four digit code there! Yes it's not simple so go find out how to do it!

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