LED street lights are reflecting a lot of light

  • Yeah, we humans have a very long way to go (probably decades or centuries) before we collectively figure it out and find ourselves finally living in a world where we have no light pollution (or as little as possible) anywhere on the planet and the lights that we are using at night are very warm and natural and as relaxing as possible - and as dim as practically possible with special designs to make sure no light is pointed directly upward. I'm talking about a world where the effects of light at night are common knowledge, where everyone learns about it in the same way that they learn their native language.

    Unfortunately, in order to get there, we have to learn what DOESN'T work. I would bet that this is just the beginning too. I would bet that we will have to block out the entire night sky and cause significant harm to nature and to ourselves with all this extremely alerting bright bluish light at night in order to finally figure it out. I would be very surprised if at some point during my life I could look at the sky in the middle of the city at night and see the same sky that you could see today in places where there's currently absolutely no light pollution at all (like say, out on the middle of the ocean or in the middle of the desert or something like that where you are hundreds of miles away from any lights).

    So, I think we're just in a very long-term learning phase where the only way for us to figure it out is by learning from our mistakes. People like us will have to kind of suffer while we sit and watch the world using worse and worse lighting at night before they finally say, "Omg, this just isn't working at all" while people like me can sit here saying, "I knew that way back in the early 2000s". Of course, I probably won't live long enough to see that unless we find some sort of way to extend human life by several decades.

  • The LED lamps still have a long way to go

  • I think it's not the fault of LED lamps - how can it be? LEDs are versatile, they use less power, they're completely tunable, and so on. But the decision makers replacing lights are making a lot of uninformed mistakes as they rush to replace the lights. Lighting is hard to understand and people making the purchasing decisions aren't experts in circadian biology or optical physics. Nor are they listening to experts.

  • Yeah, they just say "hey, the LED lamps that we chose are much brighter than the LPS bulbs that they're replacing. Perfect! Everyone wants to see better at night!"

  • Haha I'm just now opening and sharing the link, wow that's a bit brighter!

    They'll figure it out.

  • @Smartlighting said:

    The LED lamps still have a long way to go

    The LED lamps still have a long way to go

    The 16th China International Lighting Fair (Autumn Fair) will be held from 22-26 October

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