F.lux on el Capitan: "disabling" option and other issues

  • Big f.lux fan, hope this helps for bugs-fixing.
    Since I updated to el Capitan (now 10.11.4), it happens to me sometimes that when I select "disable for an hour", f.lux keeps running (or comes back one after a few minutes). Sometimes the light won't go back to normal even if I close it, as if it kept running in the background.
    This is 2012 retina 15'', with 2 GPUs, set to switch automatically between one and the other.
    My other macbook (13, unibody, 2011) is fine (i.e. its likely to be specific to either retina or double GPU)

    PS: on top of this, I also get the "flickering on movie mode" issue, as I keep automatic brightness selected.

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