Custom number of Light Levels

  • TBH 3 tiers is not enough for me and i would like to chose when in the day they change.
    i would like to be able to set how many light tiers i have and when they start, stop, how long the transitions between each take.

    #1 when i wake up & turn on my computer the screen gets bright & hurts my eyes, so i like to have the screen warmer, almost as warm as it is just before bed #1
    #2 over the next hour or 2 while i wake up with flux slowly getting cooler but not entirely as cool as native. #2
    #3 then mid afternoon get a little warmer to prevent eye strain, #3
    #4 mid evening gets warmer but not so much that it interferes with the colour to much #4
    #5 bed time/vary late night, much warmer #5

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