Create a reading mode option

  • Hi, while I appreciate that the primary purpose of the app is to automatically adjust color temperature to more appropriately follow natural circadian rhythms, given you have all technological capabilities, I'd like to request that you create a "Reading Mode" that can be turned on and off at will. I read a lot of PDFs on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 during the day. As they are text heavy and the graphics are almost always black-and-white graphs, charts, tables, etc. I'm not concerned about color acuity. Instead, I'm concerned about eye strain.

    I think that changing the color temperature to a "warmer" setting would help--I'm not positive though. Adjusting the color temperature settings directly on my Surface Pro 4 (running Windows 10) is seemingly impossible without gaming its Color Calibration wizard or potentially creating and loading a custom International Color Consortium ("ICC") profile.

  • @ursus If it's x86 you can run f.lux on it.