FEATURE REQUEST: target time with gradual dimming

  • [Edit - this is using Windows; feature apparently exists in Mac, per @Tungsten_smooth 's reply]

    I don't know what you might call this mode, but the way that I would like f.lux to work is, I set a target time when I want my screen to achieve a target lighting value, and then my screen very slowly shifts to that time value, starting from sundown.

    SO, I set my target time to be 1/2 hour before I usually go to bed; let's say, 11:00 PM. And I set my target brightness to be, say, 3400K. Once it's sundown (based on lat/long; date, etc.; let's say, 7:00 PM), my screen very gradually starts shifting to the target value, over the course of several hours, so gradually that I hardly notice it, but it gets to the right value in time for bed without me having to think about it.

    This is the way that I thought f.lux would work and I was surprised it didn't. I still like the program, but I've resorted to just constantly manually changing the brightness for it to be what I want. (I can't stand the fast setting, where it just shifts to the target brightness in 20 seconds, and even the slow setting is too fast and gets to the target prematurely).

    Hoping you could add this feature in an upcoming release, thanks!

  • @nitebrite The mac version has this. You set a color for sundown and then a separate for "bedtime".

    Maybe an hour or two before when f.lux determines you should be in bed it will shift from sun down to the warmer bedtime mode.

    To trick this, you could set sundown to 3400K and bedtime to 3000K or something like that. I think you'd want something just slightly warmer to let you know it's getting later and to help you wind down a bit more.

  • Thanks. Windows doesn't seem to have this.

  • @nitebrite Oh, forgot to add, that windows beta is planned.

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