f.lux preset matching new iOS Nightshift feature?

  • I've heard about f.lux after getting the similar thing with the new iOS and wanting the same for my Mac.

    Now, it's be great to have a "preset" which would work in a same way Nightshift on iOS work -- often I switch between my Mac and iPad while working in the evening and it's feel better to have the screen temperatures in sync!

  • @Stjepan-Pavlek Interesting, would you say the iOS is deeper orange, or lighter in color? Just drag the slider on your laptop and find out where the iPad is! I'd love to know and so would everyone else without the most recent iPad, which is not very nice of Apple to do, and it's why (among other reasons, being able to adjust settings) f.lux is still trying to get into the app store for everyone.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Hey, I'd say iPad is lighter, less orange.

    Yes, I believe f.lux should be in the app store, people should be able to choose what they wan't, everything else is nonsense.

    Personally, I, as a user, would be the happiest with a feature I don't need to think about and pay attention to, for it to function with the least engagement from my side. That's why for me a preset that imitates iOS Nightshift would be perfect, so I don't need to try to guess the setting with my naked eye, which is quite difficult to do. Also, it's not just the light temperature, it's the mechanics of the timings as well...

  • @Stjepan-Pavlek Oh, I hadn't even thought of the timings. Think about this, you're (so far) the only one on this forum who is giving information about Night Shift. I still have an iPad 2. The screen has a shallow crack in it, but otherwise works O.K. I don't have the money to "update". I would also like to use Night Shift.

    Anyway, how long would you say it takes for the feature to transition on the iPad, and you also say it's lighter. What settings are you using on the mac, and about where does that color match when the iPad is done transitioning?

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