initial (hardware) settings of the monitor

  • I've read the FAQ and weirdly didn't see this point asked to death yet.

    The UI assumes (and tells me so too), that my regular (aka day) settings are 6.5K which is not true, as I've always set my monitors as warm as possible without making look weird.

    So my general question is: shouldn't the monitor first be configured to some specific warmth, so that F.lux can do its work relative to that value?

    Actually, same question applies to other calibration settings of the monitor. I.e. if I open my hardware monitor menu and play with the colours, for example, how can F.lux possibly make sure it reaches its objectives?!


  • @someone F.lux doesn't (and really no most programs can't) (**EDIT: Apparently Samsung monitors have software that can!) read your monitor's hardware settings. Unless it may be something like displayport, we may be able to have features like that in the future, but as for HDMI, DVI, and VGA, it's not going to know.

    Keep your monitor set close to 6500K in the daytime, so when f.lux does it's thing, you're screen won't be overly yellow.

  • 6.5K is too cold for me during the day.

  • @someone Well then, you're monitors color settings may be set too blue. Here's something crazy to try. Go get a laptop if you have one that works, take it outside, and hook up your monitor to. Ideally you'll want the brightness maxed out before you do this, but keep contrast to a reasonable level as when it's too high it will distort all the colors, blue especially.

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