10.11.4 doesn't work when in Finder, works in other apps.

  • I tried searching through the forums and the FAQ, I didn't find my particular issue so I apologise in advance if it has been covered before. It is simply because I missed it, it didn't come up in my searches.

    I just installed f.lux for the first time. It seems to work perfectly when pretty much every app I use is in the foreground, except finder. When Finder is open, the screen quickly reverts to its normal colours. Switch to another app, it fades rather quickly back to the colours it was.

    Have I missed anything in setup? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • In case you haven't found it yet, there's a user manual here:

    Welcome to f.lux for OS X

    It's in the section on "Disable":

    For current app: Open the app you want to disable f.lux for, then choose this option to disable f.lux whenever a particular app becomes active. You can re-enable f.lux later by opening the app and unchecking this option.

  • Aha, perfect! Thankyou!

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