f.lux not working after 10.11.4 update

  • I can change all the f.lux settings, set the temp to 6500k down to 2000k, doesnt change the screen temp. Tried restarting f.lux and rebooting laptop twice.

    (sidenote, I can't seem to tag this in f.lux support only f.luxometer, Sleep and Light or Smart Lighting. f.lux support isnt an option)

  • Any chance this is a 12" Macbook?

  • I tried again this morning on both an Early 2015 macbookpro and a Late 2013 macbookpro. The 2015 worked right away, the 2013 started working after a system crash (needed to force reboot after screen went dark-grey and wouldnt respond). Feel free to close this.

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