I can't find settings

  • Settings are to the "left of the clock". Where?? I can't find them

  • @bridget For future reference, if you go to the "f.lux" support on the forum, it gets broken down by operating system, Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. It's not exactly consistent between windows and OS X.

    In windows 7 and above (and even vista) if you do not see the yellow and blue icon by the clock, anywhere, just click the little white triangle so you can see the extra "hidden" icons. You can then drag it out of the box. What I like to do is go find it in the all programs list. Right click on the "f.lux" entry and say "Pin to taskbar". This makes the icon larger, and more detailed, and you get to show off that you have f.lux installed!

    For OS X, it literally should be left of the clock. It's not exactly the most stand out icon, but almost looks like the analog clock option. It's an outline of the f.lux icon, with a (smaller) hill, and a half sun in the middle. If it's not there, then do the following:

    Open Activity Monitor, and look for the f.lux entry (actually most likely called flux.

    If that's not there, then do a finder search for f.lux, and start one of them.

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