Keeping phone/PC monitor MAXED brightness during day.

  • If I keep my phone and PC monitor MAXED out brightness during the day will it help me sleep sooner at night?

    Also will a screen with 1,200 and 14" screen help even more compared to a 500 nit screen? To be specific I'm referring to the Panasonic toughbook 31.

  • You can kind of simulate that by setting a Macbook to 400% dimming:!id=Macbook Air 2011/6500K-MacbookAir2011&dim=4

    If you want to sleep earlier you need to see more light before the middle of your day, and less after.

  • Is 400% dimming or a major bump in brightness allowed on the MacBook or is that just for the chart to show me the change in melatonin?

  • Right, the Macbook has no such setting. It is a simulation.

    "Nits" or cd/m2 is a measure of brightness per unit area, but it is hard to beat a "big desktop" display for alerting light - if you make the screen area 4x as large, the display produces 4x as much light at the same distance.

  • Oh wow that's really good to know!

    I want this monitor because it's huge and it's got things like "darkroom" mode and says it uses DC dimming.

    My current monitor has some physical defects now and I'm hoping the lights go out soon in it so I can get a new one.

    Let me know if you find a monitor of a similar 24" or higher size, with an even higher brightness.

  • Bump I want a laptop for outside use.

    I think 1,200 nits may be enough but knowing me I'd want more and for less than $3000 as well.

    Pixel Qi would be a good bet and with a laptop that would net about $400. The issue is that the screen is 10" and there is very little color in outside / transflective mode.

  • @f-lux-team I found my next monitor:
    newegg, BenQ GW2760HS
    I know you all are monitor people, so here's the goods: TFT Central

  • @f-lux-team
    For a summary of detailed details on the monitor:
    27" panel, AMVA (Advanced Multi Domain Vertical Alignment)
    Very dark black:

    328.76 cd/m2 maximum default brightness (I could probably bump up contrast and go much higher!)
    90.81 cd/m2 lowest brightness.

    The black point is
    Max 328.76 brightness 0.14 cd/m2.
    Dim 90.81...................... 0.04 cd/m2

    Movie Mode with Dynamic contrast:
    337.17 cd/m2

    The Contrast ratio
    Max brightness............... 2348:1
    Dim.................................. 2270:1

  • Update, this monitor has been purchased by me!

    Additional details:
    Default OOB color temperature is 6400K
    With "Bluish" CT is 8966K
    "Reddish" is a nice 5995K, which I might stay on.

    I'll actually start with bluish in the morning and load up some wave race 64 warm up!

    Then around noon I'll put it back to normal and then change to warm when the sun starts sliding to the side.

  • AMVA panel has odd viewing angles. In the center of the display is MUCH MUCH MUCH stronger orange, and then like a circle, everything ouside of that is more ... greenish white. I'm noticing this on the very lowest (ALT + Page Down) brightness. If I go up one, it's still there, .... gosh this looks weird!

    image of my new monitor viewing angles (Woah -- I ate my post with CTRL + W, and the forum saved it!! Nice!
    I'll edit that picture, it's not nearly that bad, but dark room mode shows some darker areas on the panel!

    What I like, is "Dynamic Contrast". Set to 5, on "Photo mode" or Movie, or game, the screen gets REALLY dark. Much darker than my OLED Android phone. I'm not a fan of OLED because of the flicker, and minimum brightness is really bright, even in the morning. This monitor is great.

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