Blue light and macular degeneration

  • F.lux creators: what has your research shown regarding other detrimental effects of blue light? I have recently been reading about blue lights effect on macular degeneration. Two quick examples:

  • The published research on retinal hazards says that you need to see >1000x as much light as a really bright monitor makes to do any harm. The amounts of light seem to be too dim to matter.

    Usually I say this:

    One minute outdoors on a sunny day gives you as much blue light hazard as 12 hours at a computer screen.

    Nobody really knows exactly what increases the risk of macular degeneration, but currently it's hard to draw a line from display exposure to retinal hazards, which is how people usually think about this.

    I guess the good thing is -- f.lux still removes >90% of these frequencies by default, so there's some extra protection if it proves to be an issue.

    One additional thing: if you believe you are seeing a light that puts you at some risk of retinal hazard, you'd want a filter that removes 90 or 99% of those frequencies. It makes little sense to me that people are making filters that remove 5-20% and claiming that they would help in a case like this.

    Using our f.luxometer tool you can use "blue light hazard" as an action spectrum and get a visualization of the amounts:!id=iPad Pro/6500K-iPad Pro&action=BlueLightHazard

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