Feature Request: Manual color change instead of automatic

  • I've been hapilly using flux version 23 for some time now since I prefer to manually change the color slider and having the day and night color sliders visible at the same time makes this much easier. I wish there was a way to disable the automatic color switching entirely so that flux could more easily be used as a manual color temperature control. Currently, version 23 is much more convenient for me so I haven't updated yet.

  • I too would love to have this feature! I currently just set the daytime and nighttime temperatures to the same and then disable it when i want to have full white light but those sliders do not go below what it calls Tungsten light like the sleep slider does. I'd much prefer to have it go all the way down if I want it and a simple on off switch as an option in addition to the timer that seems to work for most people. I do a lot of work in the daytime but in a very dark environment and the brightness and color temperature are truly something that cause problems. Flux used to be much more friendly for people like me who don't have a standard sleep-wake cycle.

  • @Jeremy-Stewart I have a question that you're not going to like: why not do computer work in a room that is more brightly lit, maybe by a window, or if you're screen isn't glossy, (and bright enough--extremely bright) why not outside?

    This will help keep you alert, and you may or may not think a bit better. I'm seeing lots of posts describing working with computers in dark rooms. Unless it's cloudy, I don't see much reason to do that, and I just don't see the appeal.

  • I too was using an older version of f.lux that allowed me to change the current colour temperature by selecting directly from the menubar menu; unfortunately I was forced to update when I upgraded from Snow Leopard to El Capitan and the older version turned out not to work reliably on 10.11.

    For me this was an essential feature, because I am often working, editing photos in the evening as I travel, and being able to quickly match the colour temperature of my screen to the ambient lighting was THE BEST. Please bring this feature back; it's way more important to me than all of the clever automatic multi-stage dimming, etc. (though that stuff is definitely great too).

  • Yes I would also like a simple on off switch.

    Does anyone know where I can download version 23?

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