External screen bug with "Movie mode" function on 10.11

  • Hi, I experience a recurrent bug with El Capitan (10.11 -> 10.11.3) with the function "Movie Mode" when I have more than one active display. With only the main screen of my mac (iMac or MacBook Pro) it works just fine. But if I plug an external screen trough VGA (via Thunderbolt port and adapter) it flickers every 3 to 5 seconds.
    If you need further details to get the problem solved on a future update, I'm here to help of course !
    Very big regards for you app which I use on every single device I own !

  • f.lux team

    Thank you - which version of f.lux do you have installed?

  • Android

    @lorna could you accept my request for beta?

  • @lorna Oh sorry I forgot to mention : I have the 36.6 version, the latest if I'm correct ?

  • Little up ;)

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