Second monitor

  • I use f.lux on my macbook pro and absolutely love it. However, I use an HDMI to connect to an AOC monitor and am disappointed I can't get f.lux to work on that monitor. Anyone know of any workarounds so I can get f.lux working on it?

  • What video hardware are you using, and have you updated the drivers. An extremely easy way to see video hardware, is to click the Apple icon, and click "About this mac".

  • I'm having a similar issue. Here are the details:

    I'm using two external monitors with my 2010 MacBook Pro 15"

    One monitor runs off the DisplayPort to VGA adapter, and it runs f.lux properly.

    The other runs off an external DVI video adapter. It plugs into the Mac using USB (it says to use 3 but the Mac has 2 - the display works regardless). To use this adapter, I had to install DisplayLink software. The adapter feeds a VGA cable, like the other monitor does. This monitor does NOT run f.lux.

    Both monitors are ViewSonics.

    I have never had to set the f.lux profile in Display System Preferences for it to work on the Mac's screen as well as the first ViewSonic.

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