Darkroom mode is black and white, not red and black

  • Hey everyone. I'm a relatively new user to f.lux but I immediately found it very useful and something I wish to keep using. Unfortunately, I've come across a bug which makes the Darkroom mode inconvenient to use, and downright against its purpose.

    For the first two(ish) months of using f.lux, Darkroom worked as intended, turning the screen to shades of red to black. I enjoyed using it at night because it allowed me to keep my night vision even while looking at a computer screen. Recently, as in the past week, enabling Darkroom mode has been doing the standard "fade from yellow tints to black followed by a red/black screen appears" as it used to, but would then switch to a white/black rendition of the screen within seconds after the transition to red/black.

    The worst thing yet, this behavior is inconsistent. As I type this post, it's in red/black, but the screen was white/black when I first opened the f.lux forums to post. Staring at a mostly-white screen at night is quite the opposite of what I intended when I turn on Darkroom.

    Oh geniuses of f.lux forum, please help me solve the mysterious case of zero-color nightimes! If you know what may be causing this, or have experienced this yourself, feel free to chime in.

  • @Adam-Michael-Sasine Make sure you have "automatically adjust brightness" in Display system preferences turned off. Other than that I don't know, but in an emergency you can run RedScreen for Mac OS. You have to quit f.lux first, otherwise exactly the same thing will happen! It can be a symptom of two different things trying to adjust the screen at the same time.