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    Hi all...

    I'm very happy with F.lux but for some unknown reason to me it started flickering and flashing a lot when I use Movie mode, which I used a lot in the past. I tried of everything, from disable automatic brightness until reset everything.
    The strange is, f.lux works perfectly in normal mode, even after flickering in movie mode. The only way to make it work is in normal (or disabled).

    Is there any solution for that?

    I'm running MAC OS X 10.11.3

    Thank you


  • @aloish Try restarting if you haven't when you installed / updated f.lux?

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    Restarting doesn't work at all.
    I Just reinstalled again now and the problem remains. (normal work in normal conditions, but flashes in movie mode)

  • Exact same problem here.

  • Does Movie Mode change the screen refresh rate of your computer?

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    @kinna Not sure. Is there a easy way to discover that?

  • @kinna No, it does not. It just changes the colors to slightly warmer (aronud 4500K) but with tweaks for brightness in shadows, and blue shades.

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    Can everyone please post your version of Mac OS and f.lux, and let us know if either installing f.lux 36.6 or disabling autobrightness fixes it?

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    @lorna I'm on f.lux 36.6, MAC OS X 10.11.3, disabling autobrightness makes absolutely no difference.

    I noticed that Dark Room, and other effects produce the same flickering... it is basically a "blink" between the chosen effect and the standard f.lux color.

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    @aloish two more things to try, reboot (sometimes this has helped flickering) and then if you have a dual GPU machine, see if it's on one or the other cards. Thanks for the info.

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    @lorna rebooted more then once, nothing. I have only one GPU.
    Interesting thing, if I click on the icon of f.lux at the "taskbar" (top right), f.lux menu drops and the flickering stops. when I release the click or click elsewhere, the issue returns.

  • Same issue here on Macbook 6,1. Anyone who has found a solution?

  • C'mon fluxers! We've gotta figure this out. That used to be my favorite flux feature, and when I'm just coding on the bus at night it's good on my eyes (and sleep later) and just more respectful to everyone on the bus. I've tried rebooting, uninstall/reinstall, turning auto brightness off and still get the flicker but NEVER when the tray is down o_0

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