• First of all: thanks for a very useful app for screen intensity! And second, as a new user to f.lux, and I am not sure if this may be altered in the settings - in that case I apologize for my ignorance!

    The issue I would like to address is twilight: is it possible to add a feature to f.lux that includes a gradual transition from day to night intensity within the period of twilight?

    I recon this is more an issue at higher latitudes, as here in Norway, ranging from 58 to 71°N, where the twilight between sunset and civil sunset may last up to two hours. It makes little sense that the screen goes to night intensity when it is up to two hours until what would be considered night here.

  • @eivindgh You can set the amount of time it takes the app to transition, which might be the answer you're looking for. Head to the advanced settings and check out the timing portion.
    Personally, I like a really gradual change from afternoon to night settings, so mine is set to really long. I feel that this might be the same for you too. ^^

  • Thanks. That did the trick!

  • But there is no "Advanced tab" in 3.10? And transition can only be set to 20 seconds OR 1 hour?
    Am I missing something?

  • I did find this thing:
    For Europan time zones, Venice and Roma do exist for eastern zones.
    For Western time zones, Ceuta and Madrid do exist.
    But i think Ankara(turkey) is more ideal, since its far enough to the East to that the sun sets at a proper time.

    No idea what the same would be for Eastern Russia or Northeren Canada/Alaska. But the chart is a good place to start.

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