Dark Menu Bar and Dock disabled every time I start my Mac Book Pro

  • Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone of you have had the same problem.
    I have a Mac Book Pro with Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 operative system, to put it in context.

    I like f.lux, I think is a great idea., only downside is that every time I turn on or restart my computer the Dark Menu Bar and Dock option on System Preferences/General appears disabled.
    That means I have to select over and over again that option in my preferences, what as you can imagine is really annoying.

    Any tips about it?
    Is there a way to fix it, maybe on f.lux preferences?
    If that's the case, I couldn't find it.

    Thanks and congratulations for the app.

  • @oscarabizanda There is an option in f.lux settings to change this when the sunsets (dark mode) so stop changing it manually, just leave the colors default, and let f.lux automatically change it.

    Or, if you prefer to always have it dark, you can disable the function in f.lux.

  • Hi tungsten,

    Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly.
    I'm not talking about f.lux dark mode, I'm talking about the dark dock and top bar of the operative system.

    I'm talking about the top bar of the screen in Mac OS X, where you can find the time, all menu options, notifications and for instance the apple on the left top corner.

    Thanks anyway.

  • @oscarabizanda Yeah, f.lux has this option built in! See here:


  • Thanks Tungsten!
    I missed that.

  • The "OS X Dark theme at sunset" option seems to be not functioning in MacOS Sierra, can anyone else confirm?

  • @fluffy I can confirm that the option is not present while on MacOS Sierra. Just noticed this as well (started using my Mac more often due to my recent night classes) and noticed the menu/dock was not darkened.

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