Dark Room with green color instead of red

  • Hello,

    Where can I change the default color on Dark Room?

    I've noted that Dark Room was great to avoid distractions and just focus on text. However, the red color during day time in public places makes the laptop look devilish. Therefore would prefer a more casual color like green, so that monochrome can be possible.

    My thanks in advance!

  • @nunobrito Blue would be a MUCH better choice -- actually cyan. If you can modify background color and text color yourself, then just do that. You can also crank up the brightness as much as possible, and even contrast too, since everything is so much darker.

  • @Tungsten_smooth good advice, but how can one change the presets on dark room?

  • @nunobrito You can not. It's not available to the user in anyway, I've looked. The only thing you can change are the limits of the color temp beyond 6500K and below 1200 / 800K.

    Whatever program you're using, you could try making the background a bright blue, and have the text black. That should keep you alert.

  • @nunobrito You can get the equivalent of Darkroom mode in black & white, by going to System Preferences --> Accessibility --> Display. There you can set "Invert colors" and "Use grayscale". I don't know of a way to get green.

  • Are you serious that your only reason why you want this is you think it looks devilish and you're worried about what others think? Seriously? No one is going to notice or care. If they DO notice for some reason, then they will very likely think that it looks awesome and will ask you how you did it.

  • Where I pass the time working, the red color noticeably calls for attention that is frankly unwanted. See no need for this kind of attention nor need to prove a point. Yet, monochromatic tone makes reading and programming easier on the eyes and reduce distractions (at least for me).

    The accessibility tip already gave a working solution. Would just wish that we could customize the presets for dark room.

  • @TwoCables you've made my day mate!

  • I came here for this exact feature request. +1 !

  • This post is deleted!

  • It would really be great to change the filter to green. Still waiting..

  • This post is deleted!

  • What you all can do is run the f.lux beta, turn on "Emerald City" color effects, or Blue sky, and invert your screen using the built in Windows Magnifier program. It's light on resources, and works great. Also, give the other options a try too.

  • It's simple guys. If You Have Nvidia, You can just turn on darkroom mode, and modify hue to any value at the color settings section in Nvidia control panel. Fast and no other soft needed :)

    P.S. I think ATI users can rely on similar technique. Just try.

  • @nunobrito, excellent idea, thank you.
    Have you found a way to turn it to green?

    Kind regards==

  • @Astalker No chance yet. I'm just using the contrast option from MacOS itself.

    So far there is no way for f.lux to edit the themes, or at least have a way of changing the default red color to green.

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