Increasing/decreasing brightness disrupts f.lux

  • Just before the update I previously had no problems, but after the update whenever I increase or decrease the brightness, f.lux automatically disables itself and I have to quit and restart f.lux to get it working again.

    If my Mac senses a major change it also changes brightness and this disables f.lux too.

  • @onyxpanda Go to your display settings in the control center and disable "automatically adjust brightness" as this now interferes with f.lux as it's not JUST changing brightness.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks for the feedback. The thing is auto adjust never really impacted f.lux too much---it just dimmed it or brightened the screen according to the outside brightness---and I was okay with that. What I'm speaking of though, is that it completely "disables" f.lux now. Though the problem seems to have gone away for now. Hope it's non-occurring.

  • @onyxpanda can you reboot your system (with f.lux 36.6 installed)? You should be able to continue using autobrightness with 36.6 but you may need to reboot. I am curious to see if that will fix the other problem you're describing. What apps are you using when it occurs?

  • @lorna Turns out a reboot was all my computer needed for f.lux to function properly. Everything is good now. Thanks a lot, lorna!

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