What are the bug fixes in 36.6?!

  • can someone please tell me what are the bug fixes in the new f.lux version and also are the blue artifacts fixed from watching netflix and youtube in fullscreen mode? Also is it compatible now with automatic brightness?

  • Better compatibility with automatic brightness (might need a reboot for some systems). Unfortunately it does not include a fix for the video issue, that seems to not be something we can change. :(

  • @lorna thank you for all the fixes that were possible! But we want the blue artifact fix god dammit!!!! Just joking lol thank you for everything and god bless.

  • @lorna I have encountered a glitch on the latest version 36.6 where if I click about f.lux the little pop up box doesn't appear. Running 2013 macbook pro 13" retina. Would you be able to look into this?

  • what version of mac os?

  • @lorna oh crap sorry El Capitan 10.11.4 public beta (15E33e).

  • @lorna I have found running my MacBook Pro on Intel Iris Pro graphics creates the issue. When running on the discrete AMD Radon Graphics the issue disappears. Idk if that information helps you in anyway. For me personally, I just change my graphics (using gfxCardStatus) each night when watching videos since I love flux so much. It would be nice if the issue could either be fixed or have an option to do graphics switching when flux is active.

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