Disabling/modifying f.lux on one of your monitors or a portion of a monitor (for graphic design)

  • Hey folks, i was wondering if there are any plans for outright disabling f.lux, or modifying the settings on one of your monitors or a portion of a monitor? So people such as graphic designers may more easily choose their colour sets?

    Would be fabulous if you guys could implement that :)

    Thanks, anna x

  • @Annabel-Thomas You can disable for (app). It's in the f.lux menu by the clock. Have the program you want to disable open, and click the f.lux icon in the top bar. Then choose "Disable For..." and pick that program.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Hi there! I have a problem assumed to this. My setup is my Macbook and a Projector. When I run example VLC on projector and disable VLC from f.lux and then go to my Macbook screen working in Safari, then the flux starts again and is overruling my Projector screen, because VLC comes to "the background" in processes, because of working in safari?

    Do you have any suggestions how to bypass this?

  • @Schnitte No, that's normal behavior for f.lux--it will only affect an active program (or in this case, to not affect it). Maybe this will be addressed in a future version.

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