How to stop flux brightening when viewing a document say PDF?

  • I'm using f.lux on a Mac.
    f.lux dims as usual but whenever I view a PDF or something in Preview then flux turns off and gives normal brightness. How do I turn if off? It sometimes hard on the eyes if I'm working late at night and then have to read a document as I get blinded by the bright screen.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance offered.

  • @Christopher-Kelly In the menu (by the clock) RIght click, or maybe regular left click, I'm not sure) and in the menu, you should see "Disable for app..." > menu list of apps disabled

    See if PDF viewer is one of them.

  • There isn't a list of all disabled apps, only the one that's currently open.

    Open something in Preview, then click on the f.lux menu bar icon and under Disable, uncheck "disable for preview".

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