Flux random turns on, even when i disable it or quit the app

  • I am running El Capitan on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro, and flux seems to turning on when it is not supposed to. i would disable it for an hour or till sunrise, and it would turn back on a few minutes later. I also tried quitting the app, and it would still turn on. i even deleted the app and all zip files related to it off of my computer and emptied the trash bin so that the app is completely off of the computer, yet it still seems to turn on and i had to re-download the app in order to disable it.

  • Is there a "Flux" process in your Activity monitor? Is it a dual GPU machine? And which version of f.lux did you have last installed?

  • Flux is in my activity monitor. and i have version 36.6. and i am not sure what you mean by dual GPU.

    Thank you

  • This happens for me too. My screen gets a blue tinge randomly during the daytime.

    Flux 36.6
    MacBook Air (mid-2011)
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 (built-in)
    OS X 10.11.3

  • I have noticed similar behaviour, but mostly with the disable feature. The screen does not revert to it's normal tone when f.lux is disabled. It remains blue or orange. I have tried several of the disable options and none seem to behave properly.

    If I disable for a specific app, then quit and restart f.lux it will remain disabled, but only until I switch to another app. Even switching back to the original app that the disable is set for the screen remains blue, orange, etc.

    I have version 36.5.

  • I confirm this is happening for me also. Most recently, I disabled and then quit f.lux. When I unlocked my screen, my main monitor was very reddened, even though it was daytime. My second monitor was not. Sleep/Wake of my Mac restored proper colors. F.lux was still quit, this whole time. I have noticed a few instances where the dimming/reddening of the two monitors is not in sync.

    2011 iMac
    MacOS 10.11.3
    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512MB
    f.lux 36.6
    ViewSonic VX2250 monitor

  • This problem stopped for me when I unchecked the "Automatically adjust brightness" checkbox in System Preferences > Display.

  • I think it switches the color profile.

    I have the same problem here. it's a dual GPU machine (GT120+980ti), but even when I physically remove the GT120 It happens sometimes.

  • Yes, this happens to me also - it turns on and off suddenly and randomly even when the program is disabled. I'm running Mac OS X El Capitan. Sad to see they haven't fixed it.

  • Since I switched to the El Capitan OS, I have been having similar difficulties. Sometimes when the app is on, the screen switches abruptly to the darkest orange tinge even in bright daytime hours. When I quit the app normal colors come back. However, even though the app is turned off, a few minutes later the dark orange returns to the screen. Again, when I resume F.lux, the screen returns to normal colors. Needless to say, it bothers and worries me that F.lux is causing such anomalies and affecting my computer even when it is not turned on. I am keeping my eye on the Activity Monitor, but I have not caught anything amiss yet.

    MacBook Pro 2011, OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
    F.lux version 37.7
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

  • This is happening to me. Running Flux 39.983 on MacOS 10.12.6. Nightshift schedule set to "Off".

    Screen darkens seemingly randomly even when Flux is stopped. If I turn Flux on and then Quit it, the screen brightens again for a few minutes, then darkens.

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