How to get Hue working?

  • Hi, I have a Philips Hue system. I have f.lux v3.10 installed on win10. I went to extras, control philips hue lights, computer bings about 12 times during which time I have pressed the link button on the hub. It used to do this at startup too as my PC and hub are in separate rooms and at first I wasnt fast enough! It hasn't binged again since so I think they're linked. The lights I want to control are already on, my screen is shifting colour temp as expected but my hue bulbs dont do anything.

    If I log into my hue account via and go to settings, my apps, should I expect to find an f.lux entry? There isn't, everything here is stuff that's been added via IOS.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  • @analogmonster That's odd, try unplugging the bridge, and powering it again. Then untick the box in f.lux for hue (just let it sit for a bit, it will lock up if you close too fast).

    After about 20 seconds, close the box for Extras, and exit f.lux. Then, open f.lux again, and enable the option, and press the hub again! Let me know if this helps.

    Also, on your phone, open the official Philips Hue app, and check for any bridge updates, apply if available!

  • In the end an unin/reinstall solved it. Don't know what was wrong but its better now. For anyone who reads this for reference, even with hue working F.Lux doesnt show up as an app in your Hue user account. Thanks for the input

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