inverted color mode for f.lux?

  • I have used control+option+command+8 to switch the colors on my Mac screen, so that black would be white and white black. That way, it did not feel as much that I was staring into a light bulb, as there would be more black on the screen for a reading activity. If I invert the screen such that a red would become blue (or something like blue), will f.lux dim or change that blue or blue-ish light in the inverted mode so that I would get less blue or blue-ish light in the inverted mode? If not, could that feature be introduced?

  • @s1011205 yes that will work just fine. I do that a lot and it's very nice.

  • I'm confused: why not just use Darkroom Mode?

  • Hey, TwoCables! Is "Darkroom Mode" the mode that one switches to with control+option+command+8? If so, I have used that mode. My question had to do with what colors would look like in that mode. Would white be white, or would f.lux given white text against a black background in Darkroom Mode (if that what Darkroom mode is) an orange-ish tint? I have looked at the screen in the inverted color mode with different f.lux settings, and it does seem to give an orange-ish tint to what would be white text. Maybe my post was premature and unnecessary.

  • I don't know. I don't have a Mac. I just choose "Darkroom Mode" from the menu. Inverting the colors in darkroom mode would just look like f.lux in 800K mode. It would make it normal. Darkroom Mode changes the color temperature to 800K and also inverts the colors. So that's why inverting the colors on Darkroom Mode just makes everything look normal, but at 800K.

    Just try it to see. It will consume much less time and energy than asking. ;)

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